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Star Eyes – Charlie Parker

Star Eyes Lead Sheet

Star Eyes is a wonderful jazz standard originally written by Gene de Paul and Don Raye in 1943 for the movie I Dood It. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to find the Star Eyes lead sheet!

In the jazz and contemporary music community, the jazz standard Star Eyes is most known for the rendition as performed by Charlie Parker, which you can find here.

In the Movie I Dood It, the song was performed by the one and only Helen O’Connell along side Jimmy Dorsey’s infamous orchestra.

I myself have played the Star Eyes lead sheet several times in my career as a professional musician so far. It has always been a wonderful song to play and perform. It’s not too fast, it’s not bebop, it’s just casual.

With that being said, the Star Eyes Lead Sheet is not necessarily one of the most often played and performed songs in the jazz community. If I were to make a list and consider certain songs that are played very often A-listers, and songs that are played infrequently B-listers, then Star Eyes is most definitely a B-lister.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t take away from the incredible song that it is.

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