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Someday My Prince Will Come Lead Sheet

If you’re looking for the Someday My Prince Will Come Lead Sheet, you’ve come to the right place!

The song was originally recorded in 1937, which is part of the Disney animation Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs!

I myself have performed this jazz standard many many times, and always enjoy being able to play such a classic jazz standard as someday my prince will come.

For me personally, I have 3 different sets of jazz standards or 3 different categories if you will that I divide jazz standards in.

The 1st category is the category of jazz standards that I absolutely do not enjoy playing. These are standards tat are plain and simple, but are not that well known and have a lame melody.

I’ve played many of these over the past few years during university small band sessions and cocktail bar sessions.

The 2nd category are jazz standards I absolutely enjoy playing, mainly because I know the chord progression inside out and they’re either fast and virtuoso and know exactly what it is that I have to do in order to blow some major solos over those changes.

These are songs such as giant steps, donna lee, cherokee, stella by starlight, and many many more.

These are also in general the most often played and performed jazz standards, hence why I put more effort into memorizing these particular songs.

And then lastly, there is the 3rd category of jazz standards that are the ones I don’t necessarily play that often, but I think they are the most beautiful jazz standards out there. Such as Days of Wine And Roses and this particular sheet music the Someday My Prince Will Come Lead Sheet.

Now, the main reason why I place this song in the beautiful category is because it is in fact a really really beautiful song.

As mentioned in the very beginning, the song was written for the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and is a nostalgic song that everyone around the world knows.

Now, in regard specifically to the Someday My Prince Will Come Lead Sheet, I actually love playing this song on piano a lot.

Considering it is a very slow song, it gives one the opportunity to really stretch out the harmony and chord changes, and even reharmonizes. Often times, when songs pace at a very fast tempo, it doesn’t allow for much creativity through improvisation.

How to Approach Learning Some Day My Prince Will Come?

As with every jazz standard that we share, we will go over some recommendations on what you can do to improve in general and when it comes to this chart.

Firstly, like always, we recommend that you learn the melody of the Someday My Prince Will Come Lead Sheet, no matter what instrument you play. A percussion instrument may be a bit tricky, but even if you are a drummer or a percussionist, make sure you really know the rhythm of the main melody so that if there ever is a lead instrument performing the melody that you can accompany them and join the rhythmic aspect of the melody.

Dave Weckl incorporates this concept very well.

Next, we always recommend that you memorize the entire chord progression and harmony.

This is the most crucial part as you need to make sure that you are not visually distracted by looking at the lead sheet when you are actually performing the song, and so we recommend that you memorize the harmony.

Most often, the next step when you’ve memorize the harmony and chords, is to analyze and see and learn about what actually is going on in the song and what keeps it all together.

Often times what I will do myself is print out an extra copy of the lead sheet and then go over every single chord, analyze it with roman numerals, learn which chords are diatonic and which ones aren’t. Analyze the two five one progressions and make sure it all makes sense.

The next step is to make sure that after your analyzation, you with above the chords what scales could work over each chord.

Sometimes, different chords will allow the same scale to be played over, however in jazz that rarely happens consecutively, and so you’ll want to make sure you know and understand where those changes are coming from.

When you’ve done this, it is important to understand and realize that while figuring out what scales you can use to solo over the chord progression of the song, scales are only one thing. There are also arpeggios and patterns that you can use to play over changes to tie it all tighter.

That is why we most often recommend that before you get into jazz in general, whether it is through this Someday My Prince Will Come Lead Sheet, or through another, that you make sure you know your basics on your instruments.

With that being said, make sure you can answer yes to the following questions, and you’ll be ready to move forward and learning more about jazz and this Someday My Prince Will Come Lead Sheet in general!

Do i know all of my scales? By this I mean do you know the major scale in all keys, the minor scale in all keys, the major and minor hexatonic scale and of course both pentatonic scales in all keys. These are the most important ones, even more important than modes.

Next, you have to ask yourself if you have enough information and knowledge in terms of arpeggios.

For those of you who are new to this, arpeggios are essentially broken down chords.

You can have 3 note arpeggios that cover the triad chords such as major, minor, diminished, augmented. And you can have 4 note arpeggios which covers most of the 7th chords, such as major seven, minor seven, dominants event, half diminished, diminished 7, augmented seven, min maj 7 and many many other arpeggios that one can find in the realm of any diatonic system such as the major, minor, melodic minor and harmonic minor system.

Final Words on Learning The Someday My Prince Will Come Lead Sheet!

Through this journey of becoming a better jazz player and learning more about jazz music, I’ve discovered myself that knowing the technical aspects of your instrument, such as these scales and arpeggios that we have talked about are extremely crucial.

You can compare it to trying to have a conversation (which is the equivalent of the jazz standard), while not knowing how to even properly say words (arpeggios) or sentences (scales).

And so, therefore we want to stress once more again how important it is to know these basics, and they are basics!

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We hope you enjoy this chart!


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