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Misty – Erroll Garner

Misty Lead Sheet

If you’re looking or the Misty lead sheet, you’ve most definitely come to the right place! The song has been written by Erroll Garner.

Misty is a super fun and great jazz standard that has been around forever!

It’s a jazz standard that gets called at jazz sessions, jam sessions, small band sessions and is used in educational settings to teach young students more about harmony, melody and so on!

As always, we will take a minute to discuss the jazz standard, what’s unique about it and what to look out for in order to fully master it.

Misty is a super fun jazz standard that is written in the key of Eb, an even more funner key to play in.

It’s important that when you would like to master this song, that you learn the melody first.

Next step is to make sure that you’ve fully memorized the harmony and then decide what the best voicing is (in case you are a piano or guitar player).

At that point, we have to practice flying through the changes and chord progressions, which is one of the most important parts as a piano, guitar or other jazz player, considering that if you take a look at what the regular jazz standard performance looks like, we’d be dealing with 5% spent on playing the main theme, and the rest , the 95% spent on performing and playing through the changes in solo like playing.

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