Avoir Conjugation

Avoir conjugation

Learn everything there is about the Avoir conjugation in French.

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What does Avoir mean?

The verb “avoir” means “to have” in French.

How to memorize the Avoir conjugation?

The easiest way we recommend memorizing conjugations in general, is to categorize different verbs with different endings in groupings, and witnessing the similar endings you can find in those conjugations.

How to deal with not feeling overwhelmed studying many different times?

You have to keep in mind that in order to speak French in a great way and on an intermediate level, you don’t need to know every theoretical aspect there is to the language. We recommend taking note in your own language with what kind of tenses, times and conjugations you are dealing with on a regular basis, and focus on mastering those first. Create a second tier of conjugations and tenses, that is not so pressing and is optional for you to learn. Just as in English, there are tenses that we do not use that often.

How to use the Avoir conjugation in a sentence?

Keep in mind that whenever you speak a foreign language, you should speak it from a logical and sensible way. Don’t overuse words or verbs just to show off. Not only can this cause confusion or overwhelm yourself, but it is also redundant.

You should try to use verbs in sentences as much as you can, and practice your tier 1 conjugations just the way you would practice “to have” in English.

For example:

I have 2 hands => J’ai deux mains.

Keep in mind the exception.

I am hungry => J’ai faim.

Not every use of the english grammar structure is translated exactly the same. In this particular case, literally translated, you have hungry. This is also the same in Dutch and other languages.

For example:

I am hungry -> Ik heb honger.

What’s the best way to learn French?

We recommend a variety of things depending on what level you are currently at. If you are a brand new beginner at French, you have to start with learning a bunch of vocabulary. Make sure you understand what the words are in French of the things you use and see every day around you, and start naming them by their French name. Speaking French needs to be an every day thing.

Next, you have to understand the basics of grammar. Learn the verbs and understand the conjugations. The way that the avoir conjugation is portrayed above the fold is exactly how you will find every French verb’s conjugation be portrayed. Memorize this method, and try to memorize a lot of often used verbs this way.

Next, you have to actually practice using French. This can be through reading books, speaking to French natives through the “Tandem” app, or listening to beginner French podcasts. Do this on a daily basis, and French will more and more become a more comfortable part of your life.

French Conversation Apps

  1. Tandem (Android/iOS)

French Books to read

  1. Le petite Prince

French Podcasts to listen to:

  1. Intermediate French (Spotify)

If you have any questions about the avoir conjugation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help in any way we can.