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Ornithology Lead Sheet

Welcome to Minedit.com! We’ve shared the Ornithology lead sheet here for you to open and use for any purpose.

Ornithology is one of those brilliant pieces written by non other than Charlie Parker, that is so much fun to perform live, but at the same time can teach us a lot about harmony, harmonic rhythm and melody.

If you haven’t checked out Charlie Parker’s performance of the piece, then check it out here!

In general, any Charlie Parker composition is a mountain of information that you can access and learn from.

The way I used to learn from Charlie Parker’s composition and solos, is that I would grab one of the lead sheets of the songs that I would be listening to and would like to learn more about, and then transcribe Charlie Parker’s solo correctly while making sure the chords and harmony would be written above his transcribed solo.

This would give me incredible insight and context into what it is he was thinking at the time of soloing over the piece.

This way of transcribing has given me the ability to play similar solos to Charlie Parker, as this has been the only way for me to properly incorporate new bebop lines into my playing while fully understanding what is going on harmonically.

We hope that you enjoy this Ornithology Lead Sheet, and feel free to let us know what you think of the lead sheet we’ve shared.

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More About The Ornithology Lead Sheet.

Ornithology is a super fun, intelligent jazz standard in the bebop genre.

While I never played it much myself, I have played it, and it will most definitely make you sweat to play a jazz solo over it.

Charlie Parker has a great rendition and cover of the song in his recording, and I would most definitely recommend that if you are interested in learning more about what you can do in the aspect of soloing over this piece is by listening to the original recording and many other recordings and trying to transcribe the solos that they play.

This will give you access to much more information in the sense that when you transcribe, everything that you’ve practiced so far such as scales, arpeggios licks and patterns become much more clear on where they could fit within a jazz standard, or the Ornithology Lead Sheet in this particular case.

Questions For Visitors

If you are visiting our website then you are a visitor, and we would like to ask you some questions, and if you could please answer those question in the comment section below, we would very very very much appreciate it!

With that being said, let’s get started.

– Have you ever played or performed the Ornithology Lead Sheet?

– If so ,in what setting?

– Did you reharmonizes the song, if so in what particular way?

– What style was the song played as?

We would actually like to catalog the way people are performing jazz standards and if there are any ways that end up being better both for the performer and the listener.

A Ornithology Lead Sheet Story!

When I myself was studying in Berklee College of Music in Boston, I ended up performing very very often at this jazz club called Wallys. Now, when I first moved to Boston, I was not that much into jazz at all. I was technically good at my instrument, knew my scales and knew my arpeggios, knew how to make a solo work but still couldn’t make it work.

The reason why I’m telling you this story is because there was a time when I first discovered the jazz club that I would always jam at afterwards and it had changed my life.

I realized that after hours and hours and days and days of practicing scales, patterns technique etc, the best learning school for me personally and I almost think that this goes for everyone else as well, is to actually start applying what you earn in the practice room, into real life.

The Ornithology Lead Sheet song was one of the first songs I had ever heard play at the jazz club jam session, and seeing these cats blow solos over all of these chord changes completely changed my life.

I wasn’t just sure anymore that I wanted to become a great jazz player, I had learned that truly, no matter what I would end up doing in life, I would want to be the best at it.

Not in a competition kind of way, well maybe in a competition kind of way, but more so with myself.

I wanted to become a better person everytime I grabbed my instrument, or everytime I started a new project.

Ad that is what the Ornithology Lead Sheet song did for me. I saw these incredible players, showcasing how well they really knew their instrument by mastering the song, and that showed me that even though intellectually I could follow, it was time to way more dedicate myself to my craft.

I ended u doing it in music, and I ended up doing it to this website and any other project that I have started in the past, and it has always worked out for me. Being committed, hardworking and never giving up until I had reached some sort of level of highest degree of intellectual living and playing.

Final Words

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To put it short, we really appreciate your time on our website and can’t thank you enough for being here with us and living in this awesome time of life and taking this journey with us on the planet earth. If there is ever a lead sheet, sheet music or anything else that you’d like to find, but can’t find, don’t hesitate to reach out, because we will help you figure out where to find it!

Almost always when people can’t find certain lead sheets or sheet music, they give up and try to transcribe things by ear. While I am all for transcribing things by ear, someone most likely has already done it, and some one has most likely already done a phenomenal job, we just have to find that chart.

So if you need something, definitely don’t forget to use the search box in the menu bar above, and if you can’t find it, leave a comment in any comment section on any page and we will get back to you with a full update on where to find the chart you are looking for!

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