Giant Steps – John Coltrane (Piano Voicings & Improvisation)

giant steps lead sheet

Check out this piano arrangement of Coltrane’s infamous Giant Steps lead sheet. We’ve provided an extensive way of playing the Giant Steps chords on piano, as that is usually the most difficult thing to apply.

If you’re a lead instrumentalist, such as a saxophonist, trumpet player, or any other linear player, make sure that you practice the arpeggio of the chords, as well as become aware of what modes and scales you can play over all of these Giant Steps Chords

If you’re an accompanist, such as a guitar or pianist, learning the Giant Steps Lead Sheet, along with the inversion of the chords is super super important.

The pianist on the original Giant Steps recording track initially thought before they went in to record the song that Giant Steps was a ballad, and thus he didn’t practice the giant steps chords as a fast song, which it turned out to be.

So one piece of advice is that you practice all of the chords as if you are playing a very very very fast version of the song.

It is however good to know the chords slowly, because that will take away from muscle memory and will make you think about the performance and song you’re performing.

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