Fly Me To The Moon Sheet Music

Fly Me To The Moon Lead Sheet

Fly Me To The Moon is a song written by Bart Howard in 1954. We’ve taken the liberty to provide the Fly Me To The Moon Lead Sheet Music for you.

This is a typical classic american jazz standard that many people in the United States know thanks to Frank Sinatra’s Rendition.

I myself have played the Fly Me To The Moon Lead Sheet Music many times, so it’s definitely a good song to learn and memorize.

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Keep in mind that learning how to play over the change of lead sheet music is not any easy thing. Many musicians practice jazz, music theory, scales, arpeggios and more for many years before they tackle on playing over any changes related to lead sheets. Especially in the case of the fly my to the moon lead sheet, there is nothing more difficult than to be dealing with many changes. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be as difficult as it seems.

First, establish the key, then practice the diatonic chords and their respective scales. Next, you’ll want to slowly practice the melody and playing/improvising over the changes.

Good luck!

The Minedit Team

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