Dolphin Dance – Herbie Hancock

Dolphin Dance lead sheet

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The Dolphin Dance song first came to life in 1965 as written by Herbie Hancock.

If you’re trying to figure out what you can do to learn and master the Dolphin Dance Lead sheet a bit more, stay tuned as down below we’ll discuss every single step you can take to master the song more.

How To Master Dolphin Dance Lead Sheet?

First of all, I always check out the tempo of the song. If it’s fast I have to prep myself to practice the harmony much much more intensely. If it’s rather slow, I first of all know I have much more ability to take things a different way then if the song was just bebop.

So, having listened to the original Dolphin Dance song, we notice that the tempo is pretty slow.

Also, and this is characteristic of of Herbie Tunes, he writes more modal music rather than tonal music, which in this case makes the song pretty easy.

Tonal music is where there is a clear tonal center. Starting at I major 7 and ending in 1 Major 7.

This has that as well somewhat as it starts on Eb major, however it does still have somewhat of a modal feeling, especially in the solo section, which often times back in the day was altered from what the chord progression was compared to the main head.

With that being said, I just want to lay out lastly the 4 main steps to master this song.

Memorize the melody, memorize the harmony, practicing both at a much higher tempo then technically required, and next make sure to try it out in a legitimate band or jam session.

Jamming and performing in jam sessions is crucial to become a solid player. You can practice as much as you’d like in your room, which is more than fine if you’re trying to play more of a solo roll, however playing with people will up your skill level dramatically.


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