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Charizard Pixelmon

Welcome to Minedit! In this particular guide, we will be talking about the great Charizard Pixelmon Pokemon, and everything there is to know about it.

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With that being said, let’s have a look at the Charizard Pixelmon Pokemon and everything we know about it.

Who Is The Charizard Pixelmon Pokemon?

Charizard is a Fire Pokemon, but also a Flying Pokemon. It evolves from a Chameleon at level 36 into what it is now, a Charizard. It’s original base form Pokemon is a Charmendar, which Charizard is the final form of. Charizard evolves into Chameleon at level 16.

Does it have Mega Evolution?

Yes. It has two different Mega Evolutions, along with a special Halloween texture as a Charizard Pixelmon Pokemon.

What Does Charizard Doe?

Charizards fly around looking for opponents to fight in order for it to get better itself. It only looks for opponents that is stronger than him, so he can advance and get much better.

Final Words on the Charizard Pixelmon Pokemon

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