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Fossil Cleaner Pixelmon

Welcome to Minedit. In this guide we will be talking about everything there is to know in regard to the Fossil Cleaner Pixelmon device.

We’ll answer questions such as what it is, what it does, why we need it and how to craft it.

If you’re completely new to Minecraft and Pixelmon, we suggest you check out our Pixelmon Wiki guide first here. This will give you the ability to brush up on some basics of the game and the realm of Pixelmon first, before fully diving into it.

However, with all of this being said, let’s get started and check out what’s all the fuss about in regard to this device.

What Is A Fossil Cleaner Pixelmon Device?

Essentially, when you end up discovering a fossil, it really comes as something called a “Covered Fossil”. In order to uncover it, you can simply put it into our little Fossil Cleaner Pixelmon Machine, which will then tell us which one of the 9 different fossils we are dealing with.

You can then place these Fossils next into something that is called the Fossil Machine, which will then revive and bring back the fossilized Pokemon.

Keep in mind that when you are actually using the machine, red stone will be emitted which you can then obtain next to craft other items with.

How Do You Craft A Fossil Cleaner Pixelmon Device?

Well, the way you craft one is by simply placing six aluminum plates on the top two rows of a crafting table. You’ll need to place two red stone on the left and right of the bottom row and a glass pane in the middle of the bottom row.

Fossil Cleaner Pixelmon

Fossil Cleaner Pixelmon

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