What happens if you eat expired CBD gummies?

CBD may lose its potency a little bit after the expiration date. It may also become stale-tasting, like a regular gummy.

What color is CBD oil?

CBD Oil can come in either clear or light amber color depending on the distillate batch and if it is a blend or not.

What strain helps you lose weight?

When it comes to looking at hemp/marijuana to for weight loss aids, many CBD/cannabis consumers might wonder what strain helps you lose weight. While different strains offer different…

Best temp for THCa diamonds?

Best temp for THCa diamonds?

The best temp for THCa diamonds when it comes to getting them dab-ready is between 550 and 575°F.

CBT Distillate

CBT Distillate: Bulk Distillate For sale & Guide

What is CBT Distillate According to a 2007 study on the addictive properties of THC, CBT has therapeutic benefits for treating marijuana abuse by acting as an antibody…

what is thc distillate

What is THC Distillate?

Have you ever wondered what is THC distillate? You may have even heard people refer to this pure THC as “liquid gold.” In any event, THC in its…

What is THCa isolate?

If you’ve ever wondered what is THCa isolate, you’ll have all questions answered in a moment, Simply defined, THCa is a cannabinoid similar to THC that is present…