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CBT Distillate: Bulk Distillate For sale & Guide

CBT Distillate

What is CBT Distillate

According to a 2007 study on the addictive properties of THC, CBT has therapeutic benefits for treating marijuana abuse by acting as an antibody that can block the psychoactive effects of THC by catalyzing complex chemical changes.

The difference between CBD and CBT

Chemically, CBD is equivalent to THC. THC serves as CBT, on the other hand, is a di-ether with no alcohol groups, whereas CBD is a diol and THC is a mono-ol mono-ether. It also sticks to a column more than any other cannabinoid we’ve investigated, making it a useful tool for evaluating the efficacy of a strategy.

What is CBT in CBD oil?

One of the less potent cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant is cannabitriol (CBT). Obata and Ishikawa originally identified CBT in 1966; however, it wasn’t until 1976 that scientists were able to define its molecular composition. There are now nine different varieties of CBT.

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