What is THC Distillate?

what is thc distillate

Have you ever wondered what is THC distillate? You may have even heard people refer to this pure THC as “liquid gold.” In any event, THC in its distilled form is a delight if you haven’t yet delved into the realm of concentrated cannabinoids. Let’s get the official introduction out of the way first, though.

What is THC Distillate?

THC distillate is a very pure form of cannabis-derived THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The substance itself has the appearance of a thick oil that ranges in hue from clear to amber.
Because each cannabinoid vaporizes at a different temperature, manufacturers may easily tailor the process to collect only one cannabinoid. Distillation removes everything from plant lipids to terpenes. THC distillate is a very strong concentration because of this.

How to make THC Distillate?

In essence, distillates produced from cannabis have undergone technical distillation utilizing specialized apparatus. In the distillation process, cannabis-derived crude oil is heated until it vaporizes, and both the vapors and the cannabinoids they contain are then collected. The absolute purity of the final product—a transparent, viscous substance with over 100% THC—is what makes distillation so beautiful.

How to use THC Distillate?

THC distillate is not recommended for first-time users. The product has a high potency that is unmatched by the majority of other concentrates, so you will need far less of it to get the same powerful high. Even if this calls for a word of warning, distillate is preferred above other cannabis concentrates in part because to this particular feature. Additionally, there are other uses for the oil.

Can THC distillate be smoked?

THC distillate may be vaporized, and the fumes can be inhaled. In actuality, one of the most popular ways to consume is this.
However, a dab rig or an e-nail are required in order to smoke distillate. As long as they achieve the right temperature to make the thick concentration evaporate, certain vaporizers or vape pens may also be used to vape distillate. When using a pipe or bong, you may also add a drop of distillate to the cannabis flower to increase the THC content of your smoke.

Can THC distillate be consumed?

THC distillate is edible. In reality, distillate is a widely used component in many edible cannabis products that are sold commercially. The amount of substance needed to infuse an edible is so little that the flavor is unaffected and only minor adjustments to a standard recipe are necessary to get a consistent outcome. For instance, if you were using THC distillate to make a batch of THC brownies, the small quantity of distillate you would incorporate into the batter wouldn’t affect how the brownies turned out, how they smelled, or even how they tasted. It is also feasible to administer medication sublingually; however, to avoid overdosing, use the smallest dose possible.

There is little doubt distillate THC might spark your interest if you are fresh to the world of cannabis concentrates. Just make sure you get a good product that has undergone thorough production and testing. Visit Silver Therapeutics to browse our selection of cannabis concentrates, which includes distillates. If you have any questions regarding how to utilize them, please contact us.

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