Autumn Leaves – Johny Mercer

Autumn Leaves Lead Sheet

The Autumn Leaves lead sheet is one of the most important and prominent lead sheets out there in the musical world of jazz. IF you’ve been an avid jazz player for a while, you know what I’m talking about. If not, hold onto your butts.

Autumn Leaves is everyone’s first jazz standard, sort of. It’s a short song, that contains some basic 2 5 1 chord progressions, and really portrays the essence of jazz very very well. With that being said, It also gives you an introduction into how difficult jazz can really become.

Playing the melody and some basic chord voicing is very easy, however more is to this mystery of a jazz standard. In fact, more is to jazz in general, which is what Autumn Leaves truly stands for.

The chords and melody is simple, but once you start introducing chord voicings along with some reharmonization techniques, things start to get a bit wonky, even in an easy song such as Autumn Leaves. It quickly displays how much studying and memorizing a song truly requires. This is why we recommend you take your time studying the Autumn Leaves Lead Sheet, so that you get the essence of the song, and truly master it before you move onto any other songs, or start to incorporate some of the more advanced jazz techniques.

We’ve made the copyright free version of the Autumn Leaves lead sheet real book version available for you to easily download. We hope you enjoy!

Download Johny Mercer’s Autumn Leaves Lead Sheet now!

Autumn Leaves is one of the most famous jazz standard out there to this date. It is used in many different settings and occasions. Educators use this song to teach jazz students about harmony, the harmonic rhythm and soloing in regard to jazz. While many performs perform this song in a more calm and lounge setting as well as a traditional jazz setting.


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