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Au Privave – Charlie Parker

Au Privave Lead Sheet

The Au Privave lead sheet is now available for download here for free.

Au Privave was written by the wonderful Charlie Parker in the 1940s and has become one of the most iconic jazz standards ever written in the history of jazz.

Charlie Parker himself is one of the greatest saxophone players to have ever lived on the planet.

He has written countless of amazing songs, and same with this Au Privave Lead Sheet, he did not fail to deliver.

Essentially, and believe it or not, but the Au Privave Lead Sheet is somewhat of a jazz blues song.

It has the classic 12 bar blues for and has the iconic 1 4 and 5 in its place, however the 5 chord is somewhat altered.

However, none of this matters as when it comes down to solos, they don’t necessarily follow this particular chord progression on recordings, but they follow the traditional chord progression of a 12 bar blues in F.

Which, in this particular case makes soloing extremely easy.

As always, memorize that melody, do that harmony and practice in this particular case soloing over a traditional jazz blues in F.

If you’ve never done this part, I highly highly recommend you start soloing over a traditional blues.

It will help you come up with ideas you otherwise would not have though of and will help you think differently in terms of what people do in a traditional jazz blues.

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