Afternoon In Paris – John Lewis

Afternoon In Paris Lead Sheet

Afternoon in Paris is a wonderful jazz standard! It was originally written by John Lewis In 1949. The Afternoon in Paris lead sheet is a classic bebop song, that is very slow in comparison to some of the other bebop songs it rivals.

One of the best renditions I’ve heard of this song in my honest opinion is the rendition of Sony Rollins.

It has a beautiful bebop vibe and whenever Sony starts his solo, you can clearly hear his beautiful ideas that he tries to portray over the many 2 5 1 chord progressions.

I am personally also a big big fan of the piano player, who plays some wonderful pentatonic licks over some of the two five one chord progressions.

With that being said though, I’ve always struggled to find great bebop jazz standards. There are hundreds if not thousands of jazz standards out there, and to be quite honest, I always find it tough to find a song that I love to perform and play.

The equivalent of this would be that you have a cover band and are trying to find covers to play. Some songs you just don’t like, and unfortunately there are only a few that really sound good and are fun to play as well.

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