A Night In Tunisia – Dizzy Gillespie

A Night In Tunisia Lead Sheet

A Night In Tunisia is Dizzy Gillespie‘s legendary composition. If you’re looking for the A Night In Tunisia Lead Sheet, you’ve come to the right place!

This song is one of the most memorable songs in the history of jazz standards.

Many jazz musicians have performed this songs in all kinds of settings, and while it’s original feel is latin like, we’ve heard this song performed in many different ways.

It’s important to understand that this song is not like many other jazz standards.

It’s not a bebop song, or not even a classic – there’s a lot of 2 5 1 chord progressions in there – type of song.

So before you move forward, as always, make sure that you know the melody and have most definitely memorize it.

Then make sure you’ve memorized the harmony and also make sure that you can relate to the harmony in many different keys.

Sometimes, a singer or lead may want to switch up the key for whatever reason. A great jazz musician is always prepared and ready to take over and play in the key that is needed.

That makes things a lot more difficult even if I say so myself, but some of these types of songs have been known to require some type of transposition by certain singers.

Next, if you as a solo player would like to stay relevant, most definitely practice switching between all of the different chords, and make sure that more importantly you practice switching between these chords by playing scales and arpeggios continuously.

This will ensure that you truly know the path between all of these chords, which in the case of jazz music especially is highly necessary.

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