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Have you ever heard of a fake book pdf? Well, if you haven’t heard of a fake book, a fake book is simply a collection of charts and lead sheets that musicians have created and collected over time to make it easier to learn and categorize songs.

In the world of Fake books, there is a vast confusion amongst musicians and the people of what fake books actually are. Most musicians (most often non-professionals consider a Fake Book to be a traditional RB.

With that being said, in the link above we’ve shared one of the most famous Fake book PDF version out there.

There are a few other Fake Books out there, all of which we will share their pdf version later on, so most definitely stay tuned to make sure that you gain access to all fake book pdf documents!

How To Read A Fake Book PDF?

Good question!

First of all, as mentioned above, a fake book is usually nothing more then melody and chords. It can come in the shape of a music staff where the melody is written out in music notation and the chords written above and lyrics underneath the music staff.

Sometimes, what we also see is a book or pdf version where there is no such thing as a music staff, but we just see the chords written above the lyrics, and the lyrics and words are placed strategically so that it lines up with what words is sung over the chord. This isn’t necessarily the original traditional fake book way, but I’ve seen these types of books around.

You can either click the link above, or click here in order to gain access to the fake book pdf.

Final Words

Music is a lot of fun, and these fake book pdf versions can help you learn a lot of songs fast. However, in my experience it’s been that the best way to go about learning songs is by memorizing them by heart, and either using something like a fake book or chart in order to confirm what we’re playing is actually correct.

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