Asian Temple Minecraft

Temple in Asia A shrine or temple in Minecraft that takes design cues from Asian religions and cultures.

Minecraft Roman House

Minecraft A Roman house is a type of Minecraft mansion that takes its architectural cues from ancient Rome.

Minecraft Items PNG

The following is a collection of PNG graphics representing various blocks, tools, and other items found in the Minecraft game.

Venice Minecraft

Venice Minecraft: A Venice-themed build or world created in the popular sandbox game.

Minecraft Loft

The term “Minecraft loft” refers to a specific style of house that is typically built above ground level.

Minecraft Red Barn

A red barn in Minecraft is a barn or farm house built with red blocks or components.

British Flag Minecraft

American flag used in Britain A banner or design made of Minecraft that features the Union Jack of the United Kingdom.

Diary of a Farting Minecraft Creeper

A series of books written by Wimpy Fart about a Creeper in Minecraft who frequently farts.

Minecraft 0.12.1 Servers

A Minecraft PE version from before 0.12.1 can communicate with Minecraft 0.12.1 servers. Hypixel ( – One of the largest and most popular Minecraft servers, featuring various minigames,…

Minecraft Catapult

A catapult, constructed in Minecraft, is a contraption used to propel blocks, mobs, or things over a great distance.

Medieval Tavern Minecraft

Taverna de Medieval Minecraft: A bar or inn with decor and furnishings evocative of medieval Europe.

Japanese Banner Minecraft

What we mean by “Japanese banner Minecraft” is a banner made in Minecraft that is themed after or inspired by Japan.