Best HHC Distillate | List of Vendors

Best HHC Distillate

If you’re an avid cannabinoid consumer, changes are you’ve heard of HHC. HHC distillate is simply the purest form of distillate you can find, which in turn you can then use to smoke, vape or cook edibles with, turn into tinctures and more. With that being said, we thought it would be great to look at the Best HHC Distillate products on the marketing and rank them by popularity and quality.

Best HHC Distillate | List of Vendors

2. Denex

Denex has been around for quite a while and consumers have reported to love Denex’ products as they have been received well by the cannabinoid community.

Their COA consistently also shows batches coming through at some of the highest purity.

3. Cannaclear

Cannaclear is another household name that ships bulk cannabinoids. Their HHC distillate comes from the same lab as others.

Often, Cannaclear will have the same COA on their site as Vivimu. This is the COA they get from the provider.

4. 3Chi

3Chi is one of the largest hemp/cannabinoid ecommerce stores in the world. While thy provided HHC in carts, gummies and softgels, they also provide bulk purchasing options for HHC distillate. 3Chi also gets their HHC from the same provider as Vivimu and Cannaclear.

Cannaclear also has some of the highest purity of COA.

Bottom Line

When deciding to figure out which vendor provides the best HHC distillate, we always look at 2 things. The COA and customer reports. If you’d like a proper understanding of what’s in said product and the quality and contaminents in them, a COA will almost always have all the answers. You can also always get test samples from all companies and send them into your own 3rd party lab for testing.

Before you decided to get some HHC Distillate, make sure you are buying it from trusted sources. Lots of companies out there sell cannabinoids containing lots of contaminants and are including faulty and messed up COAs.


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