Why Does My Poop Smell Like Weed?

I won’t dispute that feces stinks, but if you’re wondering why your poop smells like marijuana, read on to learn the answer.

You must have consumed that substance if your excrement frequently smells like it, don’t you think? We eat asparagus, and it smells like asparagus when we urinate. But if you haven’t consumed any cannabis, why would your excrement smell like it?

Many of us, I’m sure, have gone to the bathroom only to wonder, “Why does my poo smell like weed?”
we have never even consumed the substance! Let’s investigate why this could apply to you.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Weed?

Your feces can smell like anything, if we’re being honest.
Depending on what you’ve eaten and how well your digestive system is functioning, the scent of your excrement will vary.

So, if you recently shared a joint with your friends, you could notice that your excrement smells like marijuana.

You may have excrement that smells like skunk, for example, even if you haven’t eaten a skunk. However, your poop need not smell like something you’ve eaten.
So what do we learn when we smell cannabis in our poop?

I don’t smoke, then why does my poop smell like marijuana?

There are several explanations, but there isn’t a clear reason why, if you don’t smoke, your excrement could smell like marijuana.
Your excrement will smell like marijuana if you consume edibles because even if you are not smoking it, you are still ingesting the cannabis.

If you have never consumed marijuana in any form, the scent may just be the result of items in your diet.
Even yet, it is quite unlikely that this would occur.

Why Do My Poop and Pee Have a Weed Smell?

When you go to the bathroom, about 65% of the marijuana that entered your system will be expelled. This implies that it is quite possible that your excrement and your urine will smell like marijuana when you use the toilet after consuming marijuana, whether it was smoked or consumed in edible form. The same smell may also be present in your sweat.

Does Poo Usually Smell Like Weed?

It is very natural for your poop to smell like pot after you have smoked or consumed edibles since a large portion of the marijuana we consume or smoke is eliminated via our intestines.

Why Do My Poop Odors Remind Me of Weed?

The most likely cause of your feces smelling like marijuana is the digestion of edibles by your body. Like any other food, edibles must be digested. However, edibles may not digest smoothly depending on how they are produced.

If not, there will still be traces of the cannabis in your feces.

Does Cannabis Cause Frequent Pooping?

Constipation has really long been treated using the marijuana plant. Actually, research has shown that hemp seed supplements are more effective than senna at promoting intestinal movement.

So, does it cause you to urinate frequently? Let’s just say that it works well as a laxative!

Does Marijuana Make You Poo?

We cannot confirm that marijuana causes you to urinate, but we can confirm that it does have a laxative effect, which can help things go along. However, it can induce the urge to urinate, just to smoking cigarettes and consuming nicotine. You could notice that your bowels move a little bit more quickly than usual if you smoked a cigarette or smoked a joint when you woke up.

My Farts And Poops Smell Like Marijuana

If your feces smells like marijuana, you’ll probably notice that your farts do too. If you consume marijuana, your body will attempt to eliminate it, just like it does with any other substance that we are not usually supposed to consume.
(This also applies to junk food.)

As a result, after using, your farts, excrement, or even urine, may smell like marijuana.

Does Marijuana Improve Poop Quality?

You can poop better if you use weed. It can definitely help you defecate better if you have constipation and typically have difficulties getting things going down there. However, it can have a more… liquid impact if you ordinarily have healthy, regular bowel motions.

Why does marijuana make you urinate?

In some aspects, hemp and marijuana can have the same kind of impact as senna; it simply acts as a laxative and stimulates the digestive system.

What Could Cause Your Farts to Smell Like Marijuana?

Generally speaking, if your farts smell like marijuana, you most likely consumed marijuana—either as an edible or a cigarette. If you haven’t, though, it might be time to review your diet.

Does Marijuana Turn Your Poo Green?

While many leafy foods may also turn your excrement green, weed has the ability to do so. There are other items that might cause your feces to turn green, not only marijuana. If you take edibles and then have a salad, you should be astonished if your feces aren’t green.

Why Does Marijuana Have a Feces-Like Smell?

Some marijuana does smell like excrement, but not all strains of marijuana do. However, it’s generally better to avoid it if it does smell like excrement. Usually, rather than poop, most people would state that marijuana smells like skunk.

To Sum Up

The primary cause of your excrement smelling like pot is using marijuana. If, however, you claim that despite not smoking, your excrement smells like marijuana, you should examine your diet or even contact a doctor. Remember that edibles might have the same effect.

Important Information: I am a nutritionist, not a doctor, yet I have experienced digestive problems my whole life.

Having said that, if you ever experience any of these symptoms, please contact your doctor. You should always speak with your doctor. Reading information online can also be beneficial.

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