How To Breed Horses In Minecraft?

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

In Minecraft, horses are a common animal, and breeding them can be enjoyable and satisfying. You might find yourself asking how to breed horses in Minecraft. We’ll go over the fundamentals of horse breeding in this article, including what you’ll need, how to go about it, and some pointers to make it simpler.

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft?

You will require the following items to begin breeding horses in Minecraft:

  • Two horses are required to begin breeding because a horse cannot reproduce on its own.
  • Golden Apples or Golden Carrots are used to tame and domesticate wild horses so that they can be bred.
  • Wheat: Wheat is fed to horses to prepare them for breeding.

When you have acquired each of these things, you can start breeding.

  1. Tame the horses: If you plan to use wild horses, you must first tame them. By placing a golden apple or carrot in your hand and right-clicking the horse, you can accomplish this. Once tamed, the horse will follow you around and have a heart above its head.
  2. Feed the horses: After you’ve tamed the horses, you must give them wheat. Simply right-click on the horse while holding wheat in your hand to accomplish this. One piece of wheat per horse will be consumed.
  3. Horse breeding: After feeding, the horses are prepared to breed. Right-click on one of the horses and select “Breed” from the menu that appears. The horse will rear up as a result, and a heart will appear over its head. The two horses will breed and produce a foal if you repeat this procedure with the second horse.
  4. Watch the foal develop: When horses breed, a foal is produced. The foal will start out small and take a while to mature into an adult horse. It won’t be able to be ridden or bred during this time.

In-game advice for breeding horses

  • Make sure the horses are close to one another because they must be in close proximity in order to breed. The process of reproduction won’t begin if they are too far apart.
  • Utilize various horse breeds: If you want to produce a foal with a particular set of traits, you should utilize various horse breeds. For instance, a foal with both of those qualities will be produced by breeding a horse with high jump strength and a horse with high speed.
  • Breed during the day: Daytime breeding is the most productive time for horses.
  • Keep your inventory empty: To breed the horse during the breeding process, you must have an empty hand. You won’t be able to breed if your inventory is already full.


In Minecraft, breeding horses can be enjoyable and rewarding. You’ll be able to breed your own horses and produce distinctive foals with particular traits by using the steps and advice in this article.

Remember that breeding horses in Minecraft takes a lot of time. The horses will require attention, feeding, and waiting for them to mature and breed. But with time and effort, you’ll be able to assemble your own herd of horses. Thanks for checking out Minedit!

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