Winser London: Review | Luxury Women’s Clothing

Winser London

In case you’ve never heard of Winser London or just recently stumbled upon it and are trying to figure out if customers have had a great experience with them, you’ve gotten the the right place.

Winser London is UK based, luxurious women’s clothing brand and online store which has been priced fairly fair for the quality it produces.

Pricing of clothing parts are between 50 pound and 350 pound on average.

The impressive part is that they do ship internationally for anyone reading from the States, Canada, Australia or any other place. Unfortunately no free returns for you guys, however customers ordering in the UK do receive the option of free returns.

Winser London does have a rewards program called the Winser London Club, which you can sign up for and save money on future purchases. In general we always recommend signing up for any rewards program to save money, however we do recommend to use a dummy email address so that you don’t get spammed or have your information sold.

Often, I recommend an email address like, that you only use for signing up for things like rewards programs or just things in general that you do not want to receive spam email from but still would like to be aware of offers or information. This way, your actual inbox won’t be cluttered.

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One other thing that we like about Winser London is their variety they offer in clothing pieces and accessories. While many online stores offer a variety of things, Winser offers all of these options while somehow making sure they all fit within the same style and could be interchangeable in case you would like to buy multiple of their accessories.

If you’re looking for the money saving corner, Winser London has a constant sale that is going on, which you can find on their main home page’s website in the top right corner, which should be labeled in red letters saying “SALE”.

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