Why Does Spironolactone Smell Like Weed

Spironolactone is sometimes said to have a strong marijuana scent. The odor has been compared to “weed combined with Vicks” by a Reddit member. Another person said, “I’ve always called it minty skunk.”

“3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol, or 321MBT, is believed to generate the skunky odour associated with marijuana,” according to the Ames Tribune. Spironolactone has a very distinct chemical composition. But different substances sometimes produce scents that are identical.

Calcium sulfate is a component of the spironolactone medicine. We initially believed that this was the source of the “weed scent.” Calcium sulfate, however, has no smell. The spironolactone itself may be the only offender. The substance has a “mild mercaptan-like odor,” claims PubChem. Chem Service compares the smell of mercaptan to that of rotting cabbage, garlic, or musty socks or feet. Perhaps the odour is caused by the alpha-acetylsulfanyl group.

The fragrance of mint is frequently mentioned while describing spirolactone. It’s interesting that certain marijuana strains have a minty aroma. Spironolactone may smell like pot to you if you’re accustomed to certain strains.

Some strains, like Jack Herer and Trainwreck, have a minty fragrance, according to True Labs Cannabis. They postulate that terpenes like phellandrene, menthol, and eucalyptol are to blame. These terpenes, which are recognized for having a minty scent, have been discovered in trace amounts in cannabis plants. However, even low levels of these terpenes can produce a detectable minty odor.

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