Jazz Standards (C)

Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock

Watermelon Man Lead Sheet

If you’re looking for the Watermelon Man Lead Sheet, you’ve just found it!

I’ve played this song so many times, however it has been years since I’ve played it that when I just started writing this post I had to just completely register to it.

It’s an absolute Herbie Hancock classic and is one of the first songs I actually practiced in a band setting.

I remember being at jazz camp and not knowing exactly what jazz or funk was, because it was why I was there to learn about it.

Essentially the way we went about learning this song is exactly how I share it with everyone.

You learn the melody, then you learn the chords, then you learn the arpeggios and scales you can play over the chords as a solo, and then you just keep practicing until you feel comfortable blowing over the changes.

A song like watermelon man is absolutely perfect for this type of practice and I highly recommend you get together with a few of your jazz or funk musician friends and try to play over this.

That is the ultimate key when it comes to being able to play over a very specific jazz standard.


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