THCv Gummies: 5 Best Products as Recommended by Consumers

THCv Gummies

Lately, new cannabinoids are taking the hemp industry by a storm. From HHC distillate to THCv gummies, an explosion of new cannabinoids opened up new medical and pleasureful possibilities. While THCv has become a household favorite for many consumers, THCv gummies more in particular have seen a giant tick up in popularity.

In short, THCv helps with numerous things. From blood flow to heart muscle benefits, to appetite suppression and increased focus/energy. Some even call THCv products Adderall killers, since THCv literally provides the same mental and cognizant capabilities as something like Adderall or Ritalin does.

Being that these cannabinoids are fairly new, there haven’t been many studies done to clearly document THCv’s proper benefits and capabilities. If you want an honest opinion and review, places such as r/altcannabinoids on Reddit will give their stone cold opinion on things such as THCv gummies, their benefits and their downsides.

With that being said, we’ve scoured places such as Reddit to make a collection of peoples recommendations when it comes to THCv products and THCv gummies in general. To make it easy for you, we’ve put them in a list below. If you’ve tried any of the recommended products, please leave a review and comment down below so you can help your fellow reader learn about your experience.

THCV Gummies

1. Vivimus’ Focus Softgels

While these aren’t gummies, they are in fact the most potent THCv edibles on the market. At 25mg per soft gel, at 30 soft gels per bottle, you’ll receive 750mg total.

3Chi THCv Gummies

2. Delta 8 THCv Gummies 300mg – THCv from Hemp – 3Chi

3Chi’s THCv edibles are some of consumers’ industry favorite due to the increased popularity of 3Chi as a whole. 3Chi carries a wide variety of finished goods and bulk products.



3. Buy THCV Gummies Online – ATLRx

ATLRx is another reputable up and coming hemp company that’s making a dent in the THCv realm. Many consumers rave about ATLRx’s products.


4. Better Delights THCV Energy Gummies | 100mg | 10ct

Better Delights’ gummies are another best seller. While not as popular as 3Chi or Creating Better Days, they still are fan favorites amongst Redditors.

5. THCV Energy Gummies • 100mg • 10ct – Creating Better Days

Creating Better Days’ cult following can’t stop raving about their gummies. Their specific blend will also give you an energy boost.

Bottom line.

As for as effects go, there’s no beating Vivimus’ Softgels. Yes yes, they are not gummies, but I’ve tried them, and their sheer potency makes them worthy of being on this list. Until I find a gummy as powerful as these soft gels, I’m keeping them as my number one.