Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide PDF

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide PDF
Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide PDF

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide PDF

Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide PDF

Download this Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide PDF for you to read and enjoy!


If you're playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, you'll want to check out the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, a supplement that details the Forgotten Realms' Sword Coast. In addition to a plethora of information on the history and geography of the Sword Coast, the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (SCAG) also contains new player possibilities, such as new subclasses and races. This post will delve into the SCAG, covering its origins, organizational make-up, and the various tools it gives participants.

The SCAG: A Brief History

To help players learn more about the Forgotten Realms' Sword Coast, the first edition of The Sword Coast Adventurer's Handbook came available in 2015. The SCAG was made to complement the Player's Handbook by giving players more tools and information with which to customize their games. The Sword Coast Adventure Guide (SCAG) has been widely used by players since its release.

SCAG Organizational Structure

Each section of the Sword Coast Adventurer's Handbook has unique content and tools for players. A brief summary of the sections and the topics they cover follows.


The geography, history, and various organizations of the Sword Coast are covered in this introductory section.

More player race options are available in the SCAG, such as the aquatic and drow subraces of the half-elf and the feral and hellfire variants of the tiefling.


In addition to the swashbuckler rogue subclass, the SCAG adds new subclasses for each of the Player's Handbook's base classes.

New player backgrounds are available in SCAG, such as the city guard, the reclusive scholar, and the urban bounty hunter.

Weapons, armor, and other adventurous gear are only some of the new possibilities available to players thanks to the SCAG.

Spells The SCAG adds additional spells to your games, some of which are exclusive to the Sword Coast.


The Harpers, the Order of the Gauntlet, and the Zhentarim are just a few of the groups that are covered in the SCAG along with other Sword Coast organizations.

Geography The Sword Coast Area Guide (SCAG) features maps and in-depth accounts of each municipality in the Sword Coast area.

The SCAG's Available Means

Players have access to a wealth of materials beyond the SCAG itself to aid in the development and execution of their campaigns. Here are just a few of the best places to look for information:

Growing Traditions

The Sword Coast Area Guide (SCAG) is a goldmine of data on the Sword Coast's history, geography, and many groups. Insights like these can be priceless when it comes to developing stories and characters that are authentic to the setting's history.

Choices for Newer Players

The SCAG expands the playable pool by introducing additional subclasses, races, and histories. Players can use these features to build memorable characters that fit the setting of the Sword Coast.

Exciting Gadgets

Many adventure ideas are provided in the SCAG to help Game Masters design quests that are unique to the Sword Coast.


For those who wish to go deeper into the Forgotten Realms' Sword Coast, the indispensable Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide is a must-have. The SCAG equips players with the enhanced lore, additional player options, and adventure hooks necessary to run compelling and immersive campaigns. Whether you're just starting out in the game and want to learn more about the Sword Coast, or you're a seasoned player searching for fresh inspiration, the SCAG is a tool you won't want to be without.

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