Robert Pattinson Meme | The meme that confused us all

robert pattinson meme

What’s the deal with the Robert Pattinson meme?

If you just stumbled upon the Robert Pattinson meme, you might wonder what the deal is with this particular meme. Why are people talking about it?

There are a few things that are going on here. First of all, many claim that the man in this picture is not in fact Robert Pattison. He does look like him, but then the question arises, what would Robert Pattinson be doing in a tracksuit in something that looks like a college apartment?

Many people use the Robbert Pattinson meme as a joke for the expression on his face and how much he doesn’t care about whatever it is he has to do. Meme captions have been ranging from talking about helping people, to not caring about anything to being annoyed with others.

This photo has also been used as just a photo with people adding their own caption underneath the photo, people embedding funny quotes inside the picture just as mentioned above, and there have been some other pictures circling around that have been deemed the official “Robbert Pattinson Meme”.

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