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Pixelmon Legendaries

Welcome to Minedit! In this particular post we will be talking about the Pixelmon Legendaries, also know as the Legendary Pokémon that we know in every other game.

If you’re new to Pixelmon, feel free to check out our Pixelmon guide to brush up on some of the basics of Pixelmon and Minecraft!

Below we’ve shared a full list of all Pixelmon Legendaries. The way that legendary Pokemon are essentially categorized is based on statistics and rarity in general.

With that being said, let’s have a look at the complete stats.

What Are Pixelmon Legendaries and Where Do They Spawn?

Below you will find the list that will show what the Pixelmon legendaries are, where they spawn, what the spawn time is and what the biome looks like:

Pokémon Biomes Spawn times Spawn location
Articuno Cold Taiga
Ice Mountains
Ice Plains
Ice Plains Spikes
Any Grid Frozen Shrine.pngFrozen Shrine
Zapdos Savanna
Savanna M
Savanna Plateau
Any Grid Static Shrine.pngStatic Shrine
Moltres Mesa Plateau
Mesa Plateau F
Mesa Plateau F M
Mesa Plateau M
Any Grid Fiery Shrine.pngFiery Shrine
Mewtwo Any Any Grid Cloning Machine.pngCloning Machine
Mew Jungle M Day Land
Raikou Savannas Dawn/Dusk Land
Entei Mountainous Day Land
Suicune Beaches Night Land
Lugia Any Dusk Grid Tidal Bell.pngTidal Bell
Ho-Oh Any Dusk Grid Clear Bell.pngClear Bell
Celebi Flowery Morning Land
Regirock Mesas Afternoon Underground y≤50
Regice Freezing Morning Underground y≤50
Registeel Mountainous Dawn/Dusk Underground y≤50
Latias Ocean Dawn Air
Latios Ocean Dusk Air
Kyogre Deep Ocean in Rainy weather Night Water y≤40
Groudon Desert Hills in Clear weather Day Land
Rayquaza Mountainous Dawn/Dusk Air
Jirachi Extreme Hills+ M Dawn/Dusk Land
Deoxys End
Cold Taiga M
Morning Land
Uxie Roofed Forest Afternoon Surface Water
Mesprit Birch Forest Dawn/Dusk Surface Water
Azelf Forest Morning Surface Water
Dialga Ice Mountains
Extreme Hills Edge
Extreme Hills+
Extreme Hills+ M
Extreme Hills
Any Grid Timespace Altar.pngTimespace Altar
Palkia Ice Mountains
Extreme Hills Edge
Extreme Hills+
Extreme Hills+ M
Extreme Hills
Any Grid Timespace Altar.pngTimespace Altar
Heatran Mesas
Any Underground y≤50 near lava
Regigigas Savannas Dawn/Dusk Underground y≤40
Giratina Ice Mountains
Extreme Hills Edge
Extreme Hills+
Extreme Hills+ M
Extreme Hills
Any Grid Timespace Altar.pngTimespace Altar
Cresselia Birch Forest M Night – Moon Phase 0 (Full Moon) Land
Manaphy Oceanic in Clear Weather Morning Water
Phione Any Any Player’s party. (Bred from Manaphy)
Darkrai Roofed Forest M Night – Moon Phase 4 (New Moon) Land
Shaymin Flower Forest Morning Land
Arceus Ice Mountains
Extreme Hills Edge
Extreme Hills+
Extreme Hills+ M
Extreme Hills
Any Grid Timespace Altar.pngTimespace Altar
Victini Savannas in Clear weather Day Land
Cobalion Forest Hills
Birch Forest Hills
Dawn Land
Terrakion Forest Hills
Birch Forest Hills
Night Land
Virizion Forest Hills
Birch Forest Hills
Day Land
Tornadus Plains (Category) in Rainy weather Afternoon Land
Thundurus Plains (Category) in Stormy weather Morning Land
Landorus Mesa Plateau F M Dawn/Dusk Land
Reshiram Redwood Taiga Hills M Day Land
Zekrom Redwood Taiga Hills M Night Land
Kyurem Ice Plains Spikes Dawn/Dusk Land
Keldeo River Day Land
Meloetta Flowery Night Land
Genesect Extreme Hills+ Night Land
Xerneas Roofed Forest Day Land
Yveltal Taiga M Night Air
Zygarde Extreme Hills M Dawn/Dusk Land
Hoopa End
Afternoon Land
Diancie Mountainous Morning Underground y≤50
Volcanion Hell
Desert M
Dawn Land
Type: Null Jungle Edge Dawn/Dusk Land
Silvally Does Not Spawn None Evolves from Type: Null
Tapu Koko Jungle Dawn Land
Tapu Lele Jungle Night Land
Tapu Bulu Jungle Day Land
Tapu Fini Jungle Dusk Land near Water
Cosmog Sunflower Plains Dawn/Dusk Land
Cosmoem Does Not Spawn None Evolves from Cosmog
Solgaleo Does Not Spawn None Evolves from Cosmoem
Lunala Does Not Spawn None Evolves from Cosmoem
Necrozma Roofed Forest Night Land
Magearna Mushroom Island Dawn Land
Marshadow Mesa Plateau F M Night Land
Zeraora Savanna Plateau M Dusk Land
Meltan Any Any Smelting Metal Ores
Melmetal Does Not Spawn None Evolves from Meltan

Spawning of the Pixelmon Legendaries

The way that Pixelmon legendaries have been set up in Pixelmon is that there is a chance one of the legendary Pokemon spawns every 12.5 to 30 minutes.

The factors that come with this spawning opportunity include whether they can spawn in different environments and if they are close enough to players being in the are.

The moment one of the Pixelmon Legendaries spawns, a message will be sent out to all players to make everyone be aware of it.

What Are The Configuration Settings?

You can change the configurations of the spawn settings for these Pokemon and have the following options:

  • “allowLegendarySpawn”: This decides whether Legendary Pokémon spawn naturally.
  • “displayLegendaryGlobalMessage”: This allows the ability or not for a message appears when a Legendary spawns.
  • “legendaryRepeatSpawnTicks”: This indicates what the average delay after a Legendary spawns is before the same Legendary can spawn again.
  • “legendarySpawnChance”: This shows the base chance of a Legendary spawning attempt succeeding if it would otherwise fail.
  • “legendarySpawnTicks”: The amount of ticks that will pass before a Legendary attempts to spawn. This delay is randomly between 60% and 140% of the base tick amount that is specified.
  • “reusableBirdShrines”: This determines whether or not shrines are reusable after being used.
  • “spawnStructures”: If disabled, shrines (and Pokémon Centers) will not spawn naturally.
    • “spawnBirdShrines”: If the above setting is true and this setting is disabled, shrines will not spawn naturally but Pokémon Centers will.

Final Words on the Pixelmon Legendaries

The Pixelmon Legendaries are very powerful legendary Pokemon, and it’s an absolute treat to see and even catch one.

Give it a try and let us know who you end up catching or have caught.

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