Jazz Standards (C)

Pensativa – Clare Fischer

If you’re looking for the Pensativa PDF lead sheet, you’ve most definitely just found it.

Pensativa is such an incredibly fun song to play. It has more of a bossa nova vibe to it, but nonetheless, it is still an amazing jazz standard.

The song was originally written by Clare Fischer in 1962. You can most definitely hear the new style and how removed this composition is from 1940s jazz.

Nonetheless, we here at Minedit recommend you practice things the same way as with any regular jazz standard.

Memorize that melody, memorize those chords and harmony. Make sure you can connect the harmony through scales and arpeggios and patterns in a continuous motion, and then make sure you practice the song at a fast tempo.

It’s important to note that this song is most definitely not like any other bebop song, and so you most definitely have more time to play a solo over a stretched out chord. Essentially, the harmonic rhythm is fairly slow, with on top of that having a fairly slow tempo in general.

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