Minecraft Skyscraper: 5 Amazing Build Guides

Minecraft Skyscraper

One of the most fun things to do in Minecraft is to build large structures. Some of the most popular structures are considered to be Minecraft Skyscraper builds. In this article, we’ll be having a look at 5 videos to explain the 5 best and coolest ideas to build a Minecraft Skyscraper.

Minecraft Skyscraper: 5 Best Ideas

In this tutorial. MrBlockHead creates a beautiful and realistic Minecraft Skyscraper. The build takes about an hour, but realistically it’ll take you about 4 hours to complete it with stops and double-checks.

Attention to detail

One thing you’ll notice when you get into your first big build is that the details matter the most. Anyone can create a big build in creative mode, but the blocks you’re using and in what way determine how beautiful your big Minecraft Skyscraper will become.

This video by Alpine1 will show you how to build a big skyscraper in less than 5 minutes. It won’t give you an exact blueprint like the previous video, but it’ll give you several tips on what it takes to create a big and beautiful Minecraft Skyscraper.

Alpine1 works as an architectural engineer, and his pointers are spot on! In short, this video will give you 5 helpful tips in design your very own skyscraper!

TheYellowVillager has put together a 20-minute video on how to build a realistic glassy skyscraper relatively quickly. I myself enjoy his videos and this one, in particular, a lot, just because it is a relatively simple build, and the end result is absolutely gorgeous.

This “How To Build A Minecraft Skyscraper” by Brandon Stilley Gaming is a must check out for sure. His details are incredibly beautiful and breathtaking when it comes to building skyscrapers. This is the 1st part video of a series where Brandon explains exactly how to build the above-shown build.

Last but not least, this incredible build video by Black Beanie Gaming shows us exactly how to build the brand-new WTC tower in Manhattan, New York City. I added this one to the list, because it is obviously based on a real building we can all relate to.

Bottom Line

Building a Minecraft Skyscraper is not an easy task, but it is definitely an experience worth going through. If you have build a big building in your server before, or in a public server, we would love to hear about it and see a screenshot so we can share it for our readers to enjoy. And thank you for reading Minedit!