Minecraft Skeleton: Player’s Guide

Minecraft Skeleton

What is a Minecraft Skeleton?

Skeletons in Minecraft are essentially bad guys waiting to get you once it gets dark in the game. You want to be careful approaching them, since lots of skeletons carry a bow and arrows once they get spawned. They are of hostile nature and will go after you and try to shoot arrows at you as you approach them. The damage dealt by Minecraft skeleton arrows are not significant, but enough to take you down if you’re in survival mode with no protection.

How to protect yourself from Minecraft Skeleton creatures?

The best way to protect yourself is to simply create armor. Below you can find what specific type of armor will allow you to do what.

  • Leather armor will give you enough time to run away from skeletons without sustaining any day. It’s not enough to take on a skeleton, especially if you don’t have a strong enough weapon (at least iron sword.)
  • Gold armor is enough for you to stay close to a skeleton while you attack it without sustaining any serious damage. Make sure you at least have a golden sword or an iron sword when attacking and you will be just fine.
  • Iron armor will allow you to take on multiple Minecraft skeleton creates at a time. Keep in mind most often when you run into one skeleton, there will be more creatures. So it’s important to carry Iron Armor at all times since Minecraft skeleton creatures most often will not be the only ones you’ll be dealing with. As always, Armor will be enough to protect you, but only for so long. Make sure you have a formidable weapon to take them out so you don’t sustain any damage.
  • Once you reach diamond armor level, you’ll be fine dealing with Minecraft Skeleton creatures. Again, you won’t ever face off one creature at a time. Monsters spawn in similar areas, at the same time. Having a Diamond sword would be ideal to combat a group of creatures.

Keep in mind…

As mentioned above, you most likely won’t just be dealing with one Minecraft Skeleton creature. Whenever the night arrives, lots of creatures spawn, like spiders, mobs and more. Often when you attack one, the others will follow to attack you. Especially keep an eye out for enderman. Minecraft’s slender creature can take you down in a whiff.


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