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Mercy Mercy Mercy – Joe Zawinul

Mercy Mercy Mercy Lead Sheet

Enjoy The Mercy Mercy Mercy Lead Sheet!

Mercy Mercy Mercy is a song that has been written by Joe Zawinul i n 1966 for none other than Cannonball Adderley. We’ve taken the liberty to share the Mercy Mercy Mercy lead sheet right here for you!

If you are not familiar with Joe Zawinul’s work, you should most definitely go and check him out. He has been known as a classical and jazz piano player, but more important is known for the creation of the jazz/fusion band Weather Report, which featured none other than Jaco Pastorius – the infamous jazz bass player -, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul himself and who’ve had a variety of percussionists and drummers over the years such as Steve Gadd!

The¬†Mercy Mercy Mercy Lead Sheet is pretty straight forward and easy to play. It’s not as much a jazz standard as it is a funk-ish song, however it was classified as a jazz standard within the Real Book Volume 2 once it gained popularity.

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Also, a lot of Weather Report’s songs over time have been classified as jazz standards and been placed in Real Books, such as Havona, Teen Town and many more. If there are specific songs you are looking for their lead sheet for but can’t find it, please reach out to us and we will locate it for you!

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