Live Resin VS Distillate: Which One Is Better?

Live Resin Vs Distillate

With the rise in the recent popularity of Live Resin, many cannabinoid vapers and consumers wonder if it is a better wax/oil than regular cannabinoid distillate. In this article, we’ll be looking at live resin vs distillate and which one of the two delivers a better vape, dab, or cooking medium.

Live Resin VS Distillate: Which One Is Better?

Before answering this question, we have to answer a few other questions, like what is live resin and distillate? But also, how are both made and how are they different?

Actually, they’re both oils or waxes if you will. They can be used to cook with, vape and smoke. Both can have alternative cannabinoids included, like HHC, Delta 8, THCo, or more. It all really depends on the process. However, if this is the case that both live resin and distillates can contain cannabinoids, the age-old question becomes, why choose one over the other? The answer lies in the process.

What is Live Resin and How Is It Made?

In short, live resin is a cannabis concentrate that is extracted from freshly harvested marijuana, the actual plant that is. The marijuana material should always be frozen below sublevel temperatures. They are next blasted with various solvents such as hash oil, butane, or propane. The last process they go through is being pressed. This results in extracting highly potent live resin that is essentially concentrated oil derived from the marijuana plant.

The reason why it is legal, is because it still contains less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC. However, due to the Farm Bill being up for revision in 2023, lots of live resin and cannabinoid sellers are wondering if new rules will put a spin on how Live Resin and distillates are created or delivered.

Best Live Resin On The Market

Vivimu has some of the best and most potent Live Resin on the market. Currently, they are offering the following Live Resin:

  1. Delta 8 Live Resin
  2. HHC Live Resin: Coming soon
  3. THCo Live Resin: Coming soon

What Is Distillate and How Is It Made?

In short, distillate is the foundational ingredient for most cannabinoids when bought before they are used to create finished goods such as gummies, softgels, oils and more. Distillates often come flavorless without taste or aroma. This, so it can provide the cleanest and most purest cannabinoid. Lots of bulk consumers will mix cannabinoid distillates with terpenes in order to add lots of aroma and flavor to give it that marijuana-like effect.

Best Distillate on the market

Vivimu has some of the best and most potent cannabinoid distillates on the market. Currently, some of their most popular products are:

  1. HHC Distillate
  2. Delta 8 Distillate
  3. THCp Distillate
  4. THCpo Distillate

Bottom line in regard to Live Resin Vs Distillate

While cannabinoid distillates are all the rage, many consumers are standing by live resin. Not only does it come straight from the marijuana plant in a concentrated form, but it is also legal on a federal level. While live resin will probably take a while to catch up with distillate in popularity, due to its aroma and shatter-like texture, many consumers are moving towards using hhc live resin and delta 8 live resin instead of distillate.

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