How To Use Elemental Sight Genshin Impact?

Elemental Sight is a Genshin Impact gameplay component that allows players to view and interact with elemental forces in the game environment. In Genshin Impact, here’s how to utilize Elemental Sight:

  1. To activate Elemental Sight, press and hold the left joystick (or the “V” key on PC).
  2. Elemental Sight will display numerous elements and things highlighted in different hues when enabled.
  3. Employ the Elemental Sight to uncover hidden items, enemy trails, and animal footprints. It may also be used to identify elemental boundaries and find elemental groupings.
  4. Elemental Sight can also assist you in identifying foes’ elemental weaknesses and resistances, as well as the sort of elemental shield they are utilizing.

It’s worth noting that Elemental Sight has a cooldown and uses a small quantity of Stamina. So utilize it carefully and tactically to get an advantage in combat or discover hidden treasures across the game environment.

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