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Hanon Exercises PDF

If you are a piano player, most likely you’ve heard of the hanon exercises. In fact, if you’re on this post right now, it means that you’re looking for the hanon exercises pdf to maybe print out so you can play along with it and use it for practice. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Download the Hanon Exercises PDF here!

How To Use The Hanon Exercises PDF?

As a piano teacher myself, I’ve been practicing and teaching the hanon exercises for nearly a decade. They are some of the most important exercises for a piano player, and most piano players actually use it in the wrong way.

For beginners

The hanon exercises are to be used in different phases. For example, a beginner will use the hanon exercises pdf to start getting the muscles in their fingers in shape. They’ll use it to start building muscle memory and strength in order to get a much better grip and control over the use of their fingers in music. They should use it to work through any weaknesses fingers and hand muscles may have.

For intermediate players

Intermediate piano players will and/or should use hanon to practice permutations and get different patterns down. This will strengthen their control and use of muscle memory. Intermediate players will spend most of their time focusing on technique, muscle strength and speed.

For advanced players

Advanced players focus on getting through the hanon exercises pdf effortlessly and quickly. This requires a different technique, and most advanced players focus on practicing this special technique through the use of hanon.


This exercise should be used religiously. As well as for warm ups, as for the development of proper and next-level technique. If you have any question about the is chart, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below.