Freddie Freeloader – Miles Davis

Freddie Freeloader Lead Sheet

Freddie Freeloader is one of those much talked about songs, but really you don’t play that often. However we’ve decided to share the¬†Freddie Freeloader Lead Sheet.

I remember in my days of early education when attending my local music conservatory and when I was studying jazz and contemporary music, I played lots of jazz standards in our small band, but never did we ever play Freddie Freeloader.

Freddie Freeloader was originally written by Miles Davis, and was recorded to become a part of the 1959 record Kind of Blue.

When you listen to Miles Davis’ music in general – and Freddie Freeloader is no exception – most of his “Kind of Blue” music is modal, not tonal. Its head and theme feels more modal, while the solo section focusses on a traditional blues progression.

Meaning that his theme and music does nat have a tonic center such as, let’s say for example Donna Lee or Stella by Starlight.

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