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Dragonite Pixelmon

Welcome to Minedit! In this guide we will be talking about the Dragonite Pixelmon Pokemon and learn everything we can about it.

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With that being said, let’s have a look at everything we know about the Dragonite Pixelmon Pokemon.

What We Know About The Dragonite Pixelmon Pokemon

First of all, Dragonite by the looks of its name is a Dragon type Pokemon. Considering it can fly, we can also call it a Flying type Pokemon.

Dragonite is the evolution of Dragonair, which it evolved into at level 55. Dragonair next is the evolution of Dratini, which it evolved from at level 30.

Dragonite is a very very fast flying Pokemon, and is also one of the kindest Pokemon out there.

Final Words

The Dragonite Pixelmon Pokemon is one of the more popular choices and finds in the realm of Minecraft and Pixelmon. If you have found it, and used it, feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below as we’d love to find out how you’ve gone about using it in the game of Pixelmon.


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