Best Delta 10 Gummies | Most Popular in 2022

delta 10 gummies

Delta 10 gummies are the new hot thing. Replacing D8, D9 and others, Delta 10 gummies are an up and coming new psychoactive cannabinoid gummy that is ready to take over the cannabinoid industry while providing the best high.

They are not the only new thing on the market these days. The hemp industry is booming with loads of new CBs. Some comparable psychoactive cannabinoids to your traditional D9 are the D8, D10, THCo, THCp and HHC cannabinoids.

While these are most definitely not the last new cannabinoids we will see, they are currently the most popular up- and coming ones.

With that being said, we‘ve compiled a list to present you with the best d10 gummies out there. We hope you enjoy them, and please let us know which ones you like the best.

Best Delta 10 Gummies Currently on the market

1. Elyxr LA’s D10 Gummies

Elyxr LA’s wide variety in flavors takes the cake in terms of being the best developed Delta 8 gummy on the market as of this moment.

2. Delta Extrax D10 Gummies

Delta Extrax has been around for quite a while, and while these gummies are comparable to Elyxr LA’s we think both of these gummies are an excellent choice for D10 gummies.


These new cannabinoid gummies are up and coming, and therefore there aren’t that many popular gummies out there yet. We will make sure to update this list and add gummies as they come up in the market. If you own a company that sells Delta 10 gummies, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to potentially get listed on our list.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our forums where you can discuss products you’ve tried and let us know what your experience was. The market is inundated with cannabinoid products, and it is our mission to weed through the terrible ones, and recommend the best ones.