Clair De Lune – Claude Debussy

Clair De Lune Sheet Music

Clair De Lune is one of the most beautiful and stress free piano songs ever created. We’ve shared the Clair De Lune sheet music for you here so that you can try it out for yourself and let us know if you liked it.

Download the FULL free Clair De Lune Sheet Music here.

Whenever I teach music myself, I make sure to start out with the very basics. Stuff such as teaching students scales, chords and a few technical exercises along with the proper finger position.

Essentially, I want to make sure that students can handle playing a piece before they actually do. Not to the degree that intermediate or advanced players can, but to the degree that their fingers have the ability to move around the keyboard without too much trouble.

The next step I take, is that I either start them out by learning how to read through a piano book. Or I figure out how to potentially read the Clair De Lune sheet music when we actually get to it.

This is an important part. I’ve had students who weren’t really interested in learning how to read music on piano. They did go straight to skipping to learning a song and were rather very stubborn about it.

This really didn’t end up too well for the student as they became frustrated over time when things didn’t go their way. And so now, I look at teaching piano as a sport, rather than an art.

What this means is that, yes you need to have some sense of agility in your fingers. You need to know how to move around the keyboards fast. If that means that you have to train and practice your fingers as if you were playing a sport, then so be it.

To basically prove a point. With every student that I’ve ever thought, this was the first hurdle they had to get over. This before they could do something like the Clair De Lune sheet music.

Some Exercise examples:

I make sure that every single one of my students can first play the C major scale. Practice it with both hands upwards and downwards. The next step is to see that scale up with the metronome to a rather fast tempo. At the same time try to have them memorize some other major scales. Then apply the same technique and finger position method.

It’s very important that they do this consistently, for long periods of times. Without this, there will be frustration until the end of time. They have to break through this barrier.

After that, I make them do variations through similar finger exercises.

These can vary between permutations of C D E F G and moving in a certain direction, always with both hands.

The true purpose of this exercise is to now work out other muscles that didn’t get worked through while they were practicing the C major scale. Our fingers have lots of muscles, so there is lots of work to be done.

Once they’ve done this, then I have them graduate from one of those book song exercises that have ode to joy in it etc. And make them do something a bit more difficult, like fur else or this particular¬†Clair De Lune Sheet Music.

Final Words on Clair De Lune Sheet Music

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