Bright Size Life – Pat Metheny

Bright Size Life PDF

If you’re looking for the Bright Size Life PDF, you’ve most definitely found it!

This amazing song composed by Pat Metheny in 1976 has been covered by numerous artists and performers from when it first came it to still to this day!

I myself have played the Bright Size Life PDF only a handful of times, but absolutely love the chord progression and the way it flows.

Mostly, I’ve seen this song performed in a jazz band setting or jazz fusion jam band.

Either way, this is nothing compared to a traditional bebop chart, and so performing this song was easy and a lot of fun!

I highly recommend you check the Pat M. rendition out as soon as possible!

How To Practice Bright Size Life PDF

Whenever anyone learns a new song, I always highly recommend that people check out the standards and jazz songs chart!

That way you’ll have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into!

That’s why we’ve shared the Bright Size Life PDF, to make things easy for you!

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