Alone Together – Schwartz

Alone Together Lead Sheet

Alone Together by Schwartz is one of those classic traditional jazz standards that everyone should know about. We’ve shared the Alone Together lead sheet PDF down below for everyone to access and open.

Usually, these type of lead sheets, charts, chart music or pdf documents really help musicians learn songs much much faster.

The only disadvantage that using a lot of lead sheets and jazz charts has is that you start to depend on them, which is definitely a habit you’d want to get out of.

Most often, charts are great for initially learning music.

After that, you’ll want to make sure you can memorize the song, melody and chord progression completely. Why? Because this will give you the ultimate freedom you need in order to be completed focussed on your comping, accompaniment and soloing skills.

Imagine trying to play a solo or chord voicing over certain chord progressions while always having to look at the chart to know what chord will come next. If you’ve memorized this chords progression, you’ll freely will be able to make decisions on how to solo or what chord voicing to pay during the song and chord progression.

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Enjoy the Alone Together Lead Sheet!


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