500mg THC Edibles List | Popular Vendors

500mg thc edibles

When it comes to hemp and cannabinoids, knowing your dosage is key to understanding what kind of experience you will get. The higher your tolerance, the higher mg dosage is needed to feel anything. The lower the tolerance, the lower your dosage. With that’s being said, it’s fairly common for companies to provide 500mg THC edibles at a pretty good deal.

We’ve put together a list at Minedit that will go over some of the most popular vendors in the industry displaying some of their most popular 500mg thc edibles.

500mg THC Edibles List | Popular Vendors

1. Vivimu: Delta 9 Gummies

Vivimu’s Delta 9 THC Gummies, while still containing below the legal limit of 0.3% of THC based on weight, provides a 500mg bottle of edibles containing CBD and THC. In this case, the CBD activates the THC in a different way than it usually would if it would just be THC or just CBD.

2. Vivimu: Delta 8 Gummies

Vivimu’s delta 8 gummies also contain 500mg worth of edibles per bottle. While the Delta 9 gummies are most popular, the Delta 8 gummies are a cult favorite in that it is a perfect starting place for consumers with a lowe tolerance.

3. 3Chi: Delta 8 Gummies

3Chi has been in the game for quite some time. Their Delta 8 gummies are some of the best in the game and also provide 500mg THC edibles.

4. Vivimu: HHC Gummies

HHC Gummies have taken the cannabinoid market by storm this year due to the rise of the cannabinoid as a whole. Vivimu provides as well a 500mg bottle of HHC edibles.

Bottom Line

As we find more and more gummies, we’ll continue to keep adding them to this list. This is more of a personal list and I can personally stand for my opinion on these edibles. If you’re looking for 500mg thc edibles, any of the ones above will be more than suitable. If you have tried out some gummies that we haven’t listed above that you think could be a good fit for this list, we would love to hear about it!

-by Minedit

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