Parker Cryptocurrency Group

  • Hi everyone! Just sending out a general announcement that we’ll be doing another meeting this upcoming Monday December 11th, at 7:30PM at the Parker Library. We’re also going to discuss then to agree on a fixed weekly meeting day/time. Kind of like your regular chess clubs have weekly meetings on the same date and time. Feel free to let me know i…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone! I attended the meeting at the Parker library last night and just wanted to say it was great meeting everyone and thought we had a great discussion! Definitely helped me sort out some of the confusion and questions my own research generated. I mentioned at the meeting that I had read a pretty good article on how mining works and…[Read more]

    • Thanks John! Will definitely check it out! Thanks for coming out yesterday. Like I mentioned in my new post in the feed here, I’ll announce by tomorrow evening when we’ll do our collective test/experiment on the website. And I’ll also announce either tomorrow or the day after when our next meeting will be. Talk soon!

  • Hi everyone! Who every reads this and joins today and tomorrow, we’re doing another meeting, this time on Tuesday December 5th, at 7:30PM, at the Parker Library. We’ll be sitting up front where the chairs/tables are located. The library closes at 9PM. As a reminder, I’ve added it to our events calendar on the right hand side, along with the…[Read more]

    • I don’t know if I will be able to attend the meetings but I’m getting my cuda libraries on my windows and ubuntu machines up and going and looking at some of the mining software out there.

      • That’s awesome Cory! Please keep us updated once you have everything up and running. And no worries if you can’t make any of the meetings. I’m trying to see if I can add a feature to the website where I can easily showcase what was talked about during the meetings, so that people who missed the meetings, or simply can’t make them at all are…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone. I wanted to give a quick update on how our meeting went, what we talked about and how we go from here on forward. 4 out of 10 people who showed interest because of my Nextdoor post showed up at the meeting. The other 6 showed interest, but weren’t unable to make it tonight. The meeting went great. We talked about the way c…[Read more]

  • Howdy everyone! This will be our group where we will communicate about our meetings and we can all ask questions.

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