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  • Pegg02 posted an update in the group Group logo of Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin (BTC) 3 months ago

    Found this article regarding passive mining. I am assuming this is what we discussed at our meeting when you talked about visiting a site, in our case, a charity splash page.

    • Pj replied 3 months ago

      Yep, the concept is exactly the same. Except we’d disclose it and be very open about it. Though I think we’re missing our window a bit to gain a lot of traction with our charity page. We’re getting really close to Christmas, and this was the time to launch it, so I’m afraid we’re a bit too late to actively pursue it right now. Though it’s still…[Read more]

    • Pj replied 3 months ago

      I’m also going to be sending out a general email, hopefully tonight. Things have been so overwhelming and I’m trying to get a bit more organized. I’ll also give an update on how our last meeting went. 🙂

      • Thanks PJ, life happens. I’m wanting to get into crypto but haven’t decided in what capacity. I’ll be forming my opinion the more I learn on the subject. Which includes attending these meetings. Thanks much!

    • 9 am MT (US) the Simplex payment processor (Bitcoin partner) for buying Bitcoin (using Bitcoin iPhone app) is temporarily out of service. No ETA.

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