Bytecoin To Potentially Take Bitcoin’s Place On Steam, Rumor Goes.

Rumor goes that Bytecoin is pushing very hard to be used as a payment method on the gaming platform Steam.

While the word has been going around on the Bytecoin subreddit, many Bytecoin investors and miners are showing support in bring Bytecoin to Steam.

A petition recently created on is supposedly going to help with this transition.

At the time of writing the petition has 787 signatures, while gaining more signatures by the second.

If Steam were to accept Bytecoin as a method of payment, the coin would without a doubt skyrocket in price.

While currently the coin is still easily mineable on MinerGate, many claim the coin to be a scam.

While there’s no denying Bytecoin is an innovative coin, being the first of it kind using the CryptoNode technology, many other coins have taken Bytecoin’s technology (Monero XMR) and performed much better.

At this moment, all we can do is wait and see what decision Steam will make, or if it will even decide to continue to accept cryptocurrency or not.

If you do not know what Bytecoin is, feel free to visit to learn more about the cryptocurrency, along with what is needed to successfully mine and trade it.

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